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How Do I Save My Home From Foreclosure When I Already Have A Sheriffs Sale Date?

January 25th, 2010

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First of all you must get on the phone to your lender to call off the Sheriff’s Sale. You can get them to stall the Sheriff’s Sale up until the moment it is done, but you have to have a good strategy in place for keeping your home.

There are many options available in today’s economy to help you keep your house but you will have to act quickly and you must document your communication in case you ever need to prove anything in court.

Natalia Osorio Editor of the “Loan Modification Foreclosure” website — — pointed out;

“…Helping you keep your house and stopping foreclosure is uppermost in the minds of our President and Congress to stop the tide of families going under. I have a working relationship with my Senators and Representative, meaning I do not hesitate to call them or their offices for help in such matters. They are a wealth of information and resources…”

Get on the phone to your lender and ask either for a loan modification or that your missed payments be put on the end of your loan. You have to be tenacious and you can’t give up. This is truly a case where the “Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease”. You must be in a mindset as well that you are not going to give up because this is exhausting and difficult work. You might have to call the lender every day to get some action going.

Refinance your house or take out a loan to get caught up. Right now the interest rates are probably better than what you are paying.

There are companies out there trying to help people avoid foreclosure but before you hire one, be sure to do some background research on them. I have come to the place where I do not believe that the Better Business Bureau is the best source of information on companies but they are a good place to start. I would go to my State Attorney General’s Office for additional information on some companies. Ask them for information and ideas.

If you have a hardship situation then negotiate with your lender to let you give the house back to them with a “Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure”. They will require that the house be listed for sale for at least 90 days. If a “short sale’ possibility comes up that is an option too.

Get on the phone to a real estate attorney. In your mortgage you may have up to one year as a “Right of Redemption” so that you can correct your situation with your lender. The attorney may have to file something for you to cause the lender to stop the foreclosure but better this than actually going to foreclosure.

“…Your lender should want to help you because it is terrifically expensive for lenders to take you through the whole foreclosure process, $30,000 and upwards in legal fees. They do not want to lose this money on top of getting the house back…” N. Osorio added.

With regard to stopping the sheriff’s sale, talk with your attorney about this as well. Last, don’t give up. This is difficult but not impossible.

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How Bad Is It To Go Into Foreclosure On My Vacation Home?

January 25th, 2010

When it comes to foreclosure, either on your primary residences or your vacation home, it will have a negative effect that will stay with you for many years to come.

Even though it is not your primary residence, your actions and ability to pay debts is reflected by how you manage and handle your vacation home. A foreclosure remains on your credit report for at least 7 years from the date it is filed with public record. On the long end, it can be on there for 7 years plus an additional 180 days from your first late payment.

Natalia Osorio Editor of the “Loan Modification Foreclosure” website — — pointed out;

“…As you can see, this can have a long term effect on your credit report. In addition to having a negative impact on your credit report and credit score, you will be required to state that you have owned a home that was foreclosed on each future mortgage and loan application in the future. This will be taken into consideration each time you apply for a loan and can have a drastic impact on your ability to be approved for a top-rated loan…”

When it comes to the actual costs of a foreclosure, it is hard to qualify. When the foreclosure hits your credit report, your credit score will go down and your interest rates on all loans can go up – including existing credit cards. When you apply for a new mortgage, either a new purchase or a refinance, you may not qualify for the prime loans and find yourself paying 1% to 2% higher on your home mortgage. The difference on a mortgage can be hundreds of dollars a month and hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

“…Do not minimize the importance of taking care of your vacation home debt. The ramifications are far reaching and the costs are significant. For your financial security, it is best to avoid a foreclosure. There are a number of methods of avoiding a foreclosure. Finding an expert in the area of stopping foreclosure is crucial. The process can be complicated and you hopefully will only go through it once in your life. The experts go through it on a regular basis and have figured out how to help you navigate the waters and stop the foreclosure process as quickly as possible. The cost for their service is small in comparison to costs to your credit and future home loans…” N. Osorio added.

Further information about how to get professional assistance with a mortgage loan modification by

Hector Milla runs his corporate website at where you can see all his articles and press releases.

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7 Things to Know about Loan Modifications

January 22nd, 2010

The U.S. President has declared that performing loan modification on distressed mortgages is a key part of keeping families in their homes, and ending the rapid decline of property values.  Critics have said that, in 2008, some 53% of all restructured loans were once again in default by the end of that year, but others say that those loan modifications were poorly executed.

The Obama administration aims to help millions of families avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes through an aggressive loan restructuring program.  Here are the top 7 things homeowners should know about this plan.

1.    The focus of Obama’s loan modification plan is centered around monthly payments – not the long term price of the loan.  The focus is more about keeping families in their homes, and less about helping borrowers get good return on investment.
2.    The end goal of each loan modification is to get the monthly payment on each delinquent mortgage down to 31% of the borrower’s monthly income.  To that end, the government will pitch in up to 7% of family income, and the lender will take steps such as reducing interest rates and extending the loan’s term to 40 years.  
3.    The government will provide cash incentives to both the lender and the borrower, to encourage use of the loan modification program.  Lenders will receive $1,000 per loan modification, plus another $1,000 per loan per year for up to three years.  Borrowers also get a $1,000 discount off the loan’s principal each year for up to five years.  Both of these incentives require the new loan terms to be active for three months, and to be kept current.
4.    This loan modification plan is only for delinquent mortgages for owner-occupied homes which are the primary residence of the owner.  The loan must have an outstanding principal balance. Both occupancy, and financial hardship, must be verified.  Analysts have commented that such measures would have prevented the current crisis if enacted sooner.
5.    Each lender and loan servicer will test each loan using a formula to determine if a loan should be modified.  The formula compares the present rate of repayment, vs. the expected rate of repayment after restructuring.  If the borrower is able to make payments more faithfully on a delinquent mortgage under a modified loan, then this is worth more to the lender, and the loan should be modified.  In tandem with the cash incentives, this will help increase participation.
6.    The Obama administration intends to offer incentives to prevent or remove second liens, but further details on this have not yet been announced.
7.    Real estate speculators need not apply.  The entire focus of this initiative is to keep families in their homes – not to aid small real estate investors.  This is great news for the affected families struggling under a delinquent mortgage, but only time will tell how the real estate market as a whole will benefit from this program.

This loan modification program for delinquent mortgages is now “live” and in effect.  You may have trouble getting the process started with your lending institution, if you live in an area that was hit hard by the recent real estate crash.  Some experts are concerned that lenders don’t have the the capacity to process all the borrowers who will inquire about loan modification.

Krebs Financial of Miami, Florida is a full-service mortgage, credit repair and loss mitigation company with expertise in short sales, loan modifications, reinstatements and more.

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Get 2% Home Mortgage Rates by Refinancing with Obamas Stimulus Plan

January 19th, 2010

Right now is a great time for struggling homeowners to refinance their mortgage and use President Obamas $75 billion “Making Home Affordable” plan for themselves. Getting approved for a refinance with Obamas stimulus is easy, and homeowners who use it will save a lot of money, prevent foreclosure, or both. Here is what homeowners need to know about Obamas stimulus plan.

This stimulus plan is designed to make it easy for nearly any homeowner to get approved for a mortgage refinancing. This is possible because of the $75 billion in Government money. This money is being given as cash incentives to lenders and banks who offer struggling homeowners a solution that follows the guidelines of the Obama plan. Some of the biggest benefits of the Obama plan that homeowners will see are:

-Mortgage payments every month will not be greater than 31% of a homeowners gross monthly income.

-Interest rates that can be reduced to as little as 2%.

-No cost or fees when getting a mortgage refinancing through Obamas plan.

-Easy approval requirements that allow homeowners with an upside down mortgage, bad credit, or other financial hardships to get approved for mortgage refinancing.

Millions of homeowners across the country are in bad shape. This stimulus plan is a great way for many of them to get their finances in order, save money, and prevent their home from being lost. The cash incentives make mortgage lenders and banks more likely to help more people, including those with financial problems or upside down mortgages.

Homeowners need to use this plan for themselves to prevent their situation from getting worse. Take action and use Obamas plan for yourself and get a mortgage refinancing. The benefits are so great that millions of people will save a lot of money, and their homes.

I have been underwriting mortgages for years. Recently, I got into a new business but I still wish to share my advice, tips, and industry inside happenings of the mortgage refinancing industry.
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Not All Mortgage Brokers Are Created Equal

January 19th, 2010

So you have decided you want to buy a new property and need to organize finances. With over 1000 home loans available to Melbourne Home Loan Customers, do you have the time to find the best deal for you?

Like most of us the answer is No. Melbourne Home Loans are becoming more and more complicated, quoted interest rates are not the true interest rate so you have decided to use the services of an expert, such as a reputable Melbourne Mortgage Broker.  Using an Independent Melbourne Mortgage Broker delivers the following benefits to you:

1. A simplified way of understanding and evaluating home loan products
2. A Mortgage Broker saves your time
3. To ease the stress of the home loan application process
4. To obtain truly independent advice about the best product that suits your needs. Most large Mortgage Brokers in Australia are owned, controlled or affiliated with a major bank. So ask yourself am I getting truly independent advice?
5. To get a better deal All Mortgage Brokers have access to a Home Loan Calculator which allows you to access 1000’s of Melbourne Home Loans. The real value that an Independent Melbourne Mortgage Broker delivers is the ability to deliver independent advice and recommendations. Anybody can operate a calculator.

Leading Independent Melbourne Mortgage Broker What If We Finance CEO Spiro Kolokithas says ” the larger mortgage brokers are similar to a fast food chain. They claim to serve customers and meet their interests but if you have a major shareholder that is a major bank or shareholders not happy with the return on investment or mortgage brokers being expelled for not meeting industry standards how objective is the advice you are getting?”

What If We Finance recommends you ask Mortgage Brokers if they meet industry standards and also if they are truly “independent”. The Global Financial Crisis and the shrinking of competition in the Melbourne Home Loans Market means you may still be ultimately dealing with a major bank. Alternatively contact What If We Finance and see why not all Mortgage Brokers are created equal.  Independent Melbourne Mortgage Broker What If We Finance recommends that a Home Loan Health Check is conducted every 12 to 18 months. Melbourne Mortgage What If We Finance advises borrowers to monitor their home loan when considering Melbourne Debt Consolidation, Melbourne Refinancing options.

Karen Rickert

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